About Us
Yakka Design was founded to enable clients to produce better analog/mixed signal integrated circuits (ICs) in shorter design cycles. We achieve this through combining our expertise in EDA tools and our experience in analog/mixed signal IC design.

Our mission is twofold. First, we strive to improve our clients' design flow. This ranges from optimizing current EDA tools to developing new tools. Our goal is to develop a simple design environment that is intuitive to analog designers yet far more powerful than existing flows. Our philosophy is that tools should do as much work as possible so that the designer is free to focus on innovation. We leverage existing tools to the fullest extent possible and develop custom tools when needed. It is our desire to provide our clients with tools that solve problems.

We have extensive design experience from the transistor level to the system level . We are experienced in many types of circuits, including analog signal processing circuits and power management circuits. One of our strengths is process porting which takes a unique skill set of analog/mixed signal design and EDA tool knowledge.

Yakka Design's mission combines into the sole purpose of solving your analog IC design problems in an efficient manner. We are committed to excellence and contributing to your working silicon. We judge our success on how successful we make our clients.


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